Org-Page is up and running

Just today I've found some time to setup some homepage/blogging thingy. I wanted it really, really easy: write blog posts using Org-Mode syntax, type some key, and be done.

According to the EmacsWike Org-Blogging site, o-blog and org-page looked like they would be fitting the bill really well. In the end, I chose org-page because it looked even simpler although not as customizable as o-blog. Anyway, I don't need that.

So here is my complete configuration for org-page.

;; Install org-page only if my homepage's source is checked out on this
;; machine.
(when (file-directory-p "~/Repos/homepage")
  (use-package org-page
    :ensure t

    (defun th/op-publish ()
      (op/do-publication t))

    (setq op/site-domain "http://tsdh.org/"
          op/repository-directory "~/Repos/homepage"
          ;; I had to adapt the default mdo theme and mustache resources so
          ;; that they don't include prettify.js.  I also changed the CSS for
          ;; code/pre a bit to have code listings a bit smaller.
          op/theme-root-directory "~/Repos/homepage/themes"
          op/theme 'tsdh
          op/repository-org-branch "master"   ;; default is source
          op/repository-html-branch "publish" ;; default is master
          ;; The default `js' uses prettify.js for syntax highlighting which
          ;; doesn't work nicely with Emacs Lisp (some words in the comments
          ;; were highlighted but the non-commented code not at all...).
          op/highlight-render 'htmlize
          op/site-main-title "Tassilo's Homepage"
          op/site-sub-title ""
          op/personal-github-link "https://github.com/tsdh"
          op/personal-disqus-shortname "tsdh")))

There were some things which I had to adjust as you can see in the comments.

So in the end, I'm pretty satisfied with the result.

Oh, dear readers, does anybody know how I could export and convert all my old postings of my WordPress blog to Org files? That would be great!

Oh, and does anyone know how to link posts and pages with org-page inside the site? I mean, the URL to a post is .../blog/year/month/day/post-title/ whereas the source file is just blog/post-title.org.


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